Cathal Hughes

It was about 10 years ago when I purchased my first a Matchcraft Platform from a UK tackle shop.  At the time I didn’t know anything about the Matchcraft brand, all I wanted was a good quality stable stand that would help me compete on the Irish festival circuit.

I used this 6 legged  River Rock style stand problem free for the next  5 years and only found the need to upgrade when my box out grew the size of the stand. Finding a new stand with the build quality to replace my old one was not easy and it took hours on Google researching the ‘Matchcraft’ name before I found a website and luckily for me a mail address.

This was only a couple of weeks before the 2009 Gowna Festival (nothing like leaving things to the last minute).  I put together a quick mail to this Dutch guy named Bram asking if he still made platforms and if he did, would he post one to Ireland.

Sending this mail turned out to be a blessing in disguise,  as I got the reply I wanted and I’m happy to say Bram (bramble-bush) Brandwijk  and his family have become a great friends with me and my family.

If I could sum up Bram with one word it would be ‘Perfectionist’. The man’s attention to detail has to be seen to be believed.  When I first came across Matchcraft I thought that Bram only made platforms, I was wrong.  Over the past years I’ve had Bram make me accessories and box attachments  that I can honestly say are bomb proof. 

For example, a few years back I was using a very large side tray that was very awkward to carry, so I made a call to Holland to see if Bram could come up with a solution. I felt that a hinged tray would be the way to go, but Bram decided that making a telescopic side tray would be better as it would take up less room in a carryall. Who was I to argue! The end result was an excellent light weight side tray that is bigger when fitted than my old one, but takes up less room and is easy to transport.


A few more inventions we came up with over the past few year are the Deluxe square basin support, the multi rod holder, the back (side) tray and the one point feeder arm.  I don’t know how I would have managed without any of these accessories that I now take for granted.  Using something that you can totally rely on knowing that it won’t let you down is very important in the competitive world of match fishing, so therefore I only use the best and the best is Matchcraft.  

Polefloats from Matchcraft

In the summer of 2015 Matchcraft launched a four pattern range of pole floats designed for both the UK and Irish market.  Being a regular competitor on the Irish festival circuit, Matchcraft owner Bram Brandwijk knew exactly what body shapes and sizes were needed to cover the majority of an Irish match anglers requirements.

The first thing that you will notice with the floats is the strength and build quality throughout the range. The hard matt like paint finish is super strong which eliminates line cutting into the bodies. The fibre bristles are finished in a glowing Hi–Vis paint that makes them easily visible in all light and weather conditions.

The Larissa,

The Larissa is a brilliant all-round float.  Its body shape lends itself perfectly for using on lakes and Rivers or in rough windy weather conditions. The solid wire stem adds stability when its needed and roundish body helps control the float on moving water. The Larissa is best shotted with a bulk (olivette) and dropper shot and is designed to catch fish near or on the bottom.


The Cathal,

The slim shape of the Cathal is ideal for fishing on the drop or through the water with a shirt button style shotting pattern. This float comes into its own when using caster and maggots on the hook and is a perfect Hybrid float.


The Noa,

The Noa can only be described as the perfect all-round ’do everything’ float. Its body shape and carbon stem is a perfect compromise between stability and finesse.  This float can be shotted with a bulk and droppers for fishing near the bottom or in its smaller sizes used as a shot rig for fishing through the water.  If you’re unsure of the pattern of float to use then this will get you out of jail.


The Shallow,

As the name suggests this float is designed for fishing up in the water.  It is best used with a few small strung out shot when the fish are feeding in the higher layers of water. The floats bristle is buoyant enough to suspend larger hook baits such as bits of worm and corn.